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“The only constant in life is change”- Heraclitus 500BC, Greek Philosopher The mythological figure of the Phoenix, best known for its ability to be engulfed in flames and rise again from the ashes contains within itself the entire process of death, renewal, and rebirth, of breaking down the old and building something new out of the wreckage. The Phoenix is forever growing and changing, destroying what does not serve it and recreating something better. It encompasses the beauty and wisdom of death, destruction, change, and becoming. In order to change and grow, there will always be releasing of limiting life experiences, self-limiting beliefs and traumas. In order to create space to allow new beginnings to occur, we must clear the way and experience endings. The beginnings may be new ways of being or the beginnings of relationships. It may be the beginnings of new expressions of health, adopting empowering beliefs or the release of limiting life experiences. Paving the way for the healthy regeneration of your inner health and of the universal health and spirit of ALL THAT IS.

Mission of Phoenix RisingFx

Our mission is to provide individualised, natural healthcare programmes and education, to empower you with proactive, preemptive and preventive strategies for your health and wellbeing, synergised by evidenced, empirical and traditional principles.

What is Naturopathy?

“Naturopathy is a distinct system of primary health care.
Naturopathically designed, scientifically researched formulae provided in programs to support your INNATE immune system and boost your resilience.
An experienced professional, Naturopathic Practitioner will assess your current health status and will customise proactive ,health-creating strategies for you to implement, based upon your consult.
Our programs are based upon Evidenced Based Research and Education to empower YOU & YOUR FAMILY with proactive strategies to maintain and enhance your health and wellbeing.”